TNT TechNo User Sim Offers Unlimited Facebook, Messenger and Viber for 10 Pesos

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I’ve been getting a lot of post in my news feed mostly in Facebook groups regarding this TechNo sim card, this kind of sim is a self eloading sim and they claim this new SIM has a unique feature that can surf unlimited access to Facebook, Messenger and Viber without data capping. The sim is cost around 500 pesos, which you can use for eLoading business that can be loaded different network from Globe, TM, TNT, Sun and Red mobile. It can also load other cable services and top up games. TechNo Sim is offered by SPVTOP International, a multi-level marketing companies.

The sim is powered with LTE and 4g connection that is good for Smart phones, Pocket Wifi or LTE Home Router Wifi. Is it real that you can surf unlimited access to Facebook, Messenger and Viber for only PHP10 good for 3 days? Yes, you can surf unlimited access to these site as this is the unique features given to the sim by telcos and If you’re going to use VPN you can access other site as well. But there is a catch, most telco’s block simcard if user abuses the features, other people who experience their simcard is being block when they reach 20GB of download per day.

Where to buy TechNo Sim? You can find them in Facebook group usually location selling based group like Gensan Sale, Davao Sale and etc.

The 500 Pesos simcard also includes the following: 1 x simcard, Techno User app and 100 pesos load wallet.

To avail the unlimited access you just have to text M10 to 4545 and you can enjoy unlimited surfing to Facebook, Messenger and Viber valid for 3 days. This means in 1 month you barely spend 100 pesos a month for unlimited surfing.

What if your simcard is blocked? Well, you can no longer use the simcard to surf the internet and you’re restricted to access the LTE/4g connection from the telcos.

This kind of simcard is maybe the answer for people who have problem with the expensive Internet in the Philippines, specially the capping. Me my self is always relying in Smart’s FLEXITIME for unlimited access in the Internet use for uploading videos in YouTube but this feature is no longer available and maybe this simcard is one of that solution. But Is the P500 for a simcard worth it to have an unlimited access to the Internet? I think it’s worth.

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