PUBG Lag and Shuttering When Being Shot

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Some folks might experience getting lag in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds when being shot or near the smoke, stun grenade and grenade. We’ve checked the reason for this lag and one we consider is the Internet connection specifically the PING and the second one is the lacked of VRAM of the video cards you’re using.

First, Since we’re using a DSL connection the speed of our internet is very low it has a ping ranging from 100ms to 300ms. So, we’ve tried using other faster internet connection like an LTE connection. In the LTE we’ve got 10ms to 50ms. So, we’ve tried playing the PUBG if this removes the lagged when being shot. Unluckily, we still experiencing the same problem same.

The Second test is the Video Card, we’ve tried to low everything under the graphic settings. The card we’re using is R9 290x which has 3GB of VRAM. And still, it doesn’t fix the problem.

So, based on our two test. What causes the problem? Why it’s lagged? How to fixed it? We’ll the problem lies in the lack of optimization of the game, because the game are still in EARLY ACCESS we’ve expect this kind of issue in the game and has issue with compatibility. One problem that really triggers with lack of optimization is the using of VRAM and low internet connection, unreal engine default package uses lots of VRAM specially the game has lots of objects to renders and it require lots of VRAM in order to play the game smoothly. The reason it lags when you’re being shot is the gun’s bullet’s create shrapnel’s, dust effect, blood and other instances and it requires rendering with GPU and syncing what is happening in the game to the servers.

We’re hoping that the developer fixed this issue the soonest. But if you really want to fixed this, buy better Graphic cards that has larger VRAM. We recommended using 8GB of VRAM for PUBG.

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  • Frudo May 6, 2018 3:35 pm

    People with 1080ti have the same problem…

  • Danny November 28, 2021 8:29 pm

    RTX signing in with the same problem.


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