New Gameplay footage of Age of Empires Definitive Edition

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The twenty years old game Age of Empire finally has a Definitive Edition and a new game play footage during Gamescon is finally unveiled. See the new HUD, menus, characters and more improvement in the game in the video below.

Age of Empires is one of the most popular RTS game of all time and well known for its technology transformation from stone age to medieval age. So it’s very exciting that the game got a definitive edition that refresh everything, the game will come out in two months either in October of 2017. The sequels of the game will also follow when the game is launch.

The familiar experience of the game are still present with the large numbers of troops taking enemies and tower. And one noticeable improvement is the texture of the water and sands its really appealing, the performance is also improve that you can get as many unit as you want without lagging the game.

The Age of Empire Definitive Edition will be available in PC this October 19, 2017. It expected to be available on Steam and Microsoft Store. The closed beta of the game will start this week, so If you happen to sign up for a beta access, check your email to get a chance playing the game first.


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