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Cuphead New Gameplay Footage During GamesCon

Cuphead New Gameplay Footage During GamesCon

A new gameplay footage of Cuphead game has been uploaded in YouTube by Game Informer, this footage is played during the GamesCon 2017.

Cuphead is a platformer game that has unique old art style cartoon graphics similar to 1940’s cartoon’s. In the video you can see cup head entering into a stage and beating enemies while finishing the mission. In the video it also feature a boss played with 2 players in coop mode.

One of the great future of the game is awesome old school hand-drawn graphics, it’s dash and attack style which is very challenging to play. You can watch the game footage down below.

Cuphead is set to release in September 29, 2017 for XBOX One and PC. We still don’t know if this game release in Steam aswell.

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