New Everwing Character Lyra The Guardian of Might

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Everwing just added a sneak peak to its new character in the game, It’s Lyra – Guardian of Might. This new fairies might also have the same abilities with Arcana and Jade in which you will have additional special attack to the enemies. Based from the description, Lyra is a general of the royal EverWing Airforce, last seen in the battle. It’s ability is Force Cannons.

In this week, Everwing also announcing a new events called Mekanical Mayhem in which it features a new set of robotic dragon that could be related to the released of Lyra.

How to get Lyra – The Guardian of Might? For now, its impossible to get this new character as it’s not yet officially released. But, you can check the new Lyra on the character store. When it’s released, you can unlock Lyra at level 40 or a reward in an upcoming events.

We will post some gameplay when we have a chance to play this character as soon as possible! So, check this page always!

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