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List of 5 New Everwing Sidekick Dragon (Bakunawa, Kiwig, Sarangay, Lampong and Buwaya)

List of 5 New Everwing Sidekick Dragon (Bakunawa, Kiwig, Sarangay, Lampong and Buwaya)

Everwing introduce the 5 new sidekick dragon for the game, in celebration of Philippine Dragon Festival together with Smart Communications. The new dragons include one legendary and four rare dragons. The odds of getting these dragon when hatching an egg is 1% to 10% chances, depending on the egg you bought from the store – the higher the higher of chances.

Update: They official named Tikbalang to Sarangay.

Nuno Buaya Buwaya
 41  70  88  90  113  144
500% Poison dmg over 2 sec, +25% Treasure Chests.
Rare, Water Type
Ban Bakun Bakunawa
 41  70  88  90  113  144
Deals +50 dmg to Bosses, +20% Item spawn chance.
Rare, Shadow Type
Kiin Kigi Kiwig
 41  70  88  90  113  144
Deals +50 dmg to Bosses, +20% Item duration.
Rare, Fire Type
Pong Lampi Lampong
 41  70  88  90  113  144
Doubles Gems from Monster. It’s truly, truly outrageous.
Rare, Nature Type
Sar Anga Sarangay
36 61 76 79  98  126
Unleashes 2 deadly monster-seeking bullets. Yike
Legendary, Light Type

In order to achieve the higher or max damage, you have to pair your dragon with the right Zodiac sign to get the damage bonus.

How to get these sidekicks dragons? Well, you have to purchase Eggs and here are the chances and odds on hatching these dragons:

  • Common Egg is less than 1%
  • Bronze Egg is 1%
  • Silver Egg is 5%
  • Gold Egg is 9%
  • Magical Egg is 7%
  • Legendary Egg is 0% (For Sarangay, it’s 9% in Legendary and not available on other egg tiers)
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