How to unlock Everwing Guardian Arcana

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One of the unique guardians in Everwing is the Arcana in which it has a powerful special booster attack that you can use to easily destroy enemies and make a copy of your sidekicks for a limited time. Arcana has a special refill bar on the bottom of the screen that you have to full with bubble star, in order for you to use the booster attack. Right now, Arcana is not available on its Character store and only displayed as “Coming soon”. but you can actually get this guardians by just doing a raid boss and redeeming it on the chest or through special event “Smoke and Mirrors”.

This sly illusionist has a few tricks up here sleeve. She can clone sidekicks and harness their powers for unique spell combos. If you want a full potential of using arcana, you can pair a sidekick of her with Urselius which it Potent “Wildcard” magic enhance Guardian abilities.

How to unlock Guardian Arcana in Everwing?

  1. Join a Raid Boss and Reach above Level 3
  2. After this Level, you can now get a Legendary or Epic Chest
  3. Getting this chest will only give you 3% to 8% chances of getting Arcana.
  4. The most tricky part is opening the boxes, Arcana will be randomly place in the boxes and you have to pick 3 to 5 boxes where you have a chance of picking Arcana. Your chances of getting arcana is now down again to 5% to 10%.

Alternatively, you can also get the guardian arcana using the special event Smoke and Mirrors but only available for a limited time, you can get this from July 3, 2017 up to August 14, 2017.

Here are the Arcana’s gameplay using its best side kick Urselius.

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