Fortnite – A Third Shooter Zombie Survival and Tower Defense Game

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A new game Fortnite was official launch last July 21, 2017. Currently, it’s available for Playstation 4 and not yet in Steam. It is a third-shooter game where you survive with waves of zombie attacks, you can also defense by building your own fortress. A lot of monster, and you’ve got a massive forts to protect and build. Set killer traps to monsters, grab piles of loots found in the maps and invite your friend to play with you.

Make Discoveries

The world of Fortnite is filled with places to explore and loot to scavange. Collect building and crafting materials, while travelling across the massive landscape of the game where every corner is unique. Open boxes, you never what you fiend or where you’ll find it. Make sure to go to building and searching can pay off. Everything you collect can be used to protect yourself, build something or help other survivors out there who need your help.

Make Forts

For protection of wave attack of monster, you need to build forts. You can use variety of building pieces to keep enemies at bay and make a stronger defenses. Fortnite also has the Edit mode where you can customize pieces to fit your needs. Make doors, Windows, Sealing or get more creative by building unique structure – thinking of Trojan Horse? that’s possible in Fortnite. You can also build your own sniper towers. Building is on the fly, so you can build any structure even in fights.

Make Weapons

With the loot you discovered and harvested, you can craft these to hundreds of weapons, from melee weapon to a heavy arms RPG. You can also put traps for monster and make a perfect surprise attack. Or use a gadget that help you maneuver area and help your team. Manage your resources well and fully prepared for the wave attack.

Make Friends

Each of hero is specialized version of one basic types: The Constructors, Soldiers, Outlanders and Ninja’s. Ofcourse, constructors are skilled to build forts, but they also provide valuable crowd-control and take zombies out. Soldiers, specialize in big guns and grenade and sometimes bring the biggest guns (Gatling gun). Outlanders, where you can loots for more goods and put a sentry for cover. Lastly, Ninja great for melee attacks, throw sharp stars and can easily get in and get out of troubles. You can also collect cards to get heroes with different skills. Get your friends in the game and build the strongest forts in the game.

The game looks very interesting especially the graphics, lots of customization and unlocked heroes.

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