Everwing Sidekick New Rare Dragon Pong, Lampi, Lampong

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The next new Everwing Sidekick is the Lampong a nature type Rare dragon and a deer like creatures. It has a Philippine Sun at the center of its antler. The specialty of this sidekick dragon is it doubles the gems you earned from monster. Based from its description “Doubles Gems from Monsters. It’s truly, truly outrageous.”

First evolution Pong, in the max level of 10 it has an attack damage of 41. Firing a small single Green Ball to the enemies, good for dealing high damage. Sell price is +35 Trophy.

Second evolution is Lampi, at max level of 20 it’s attack damage reaches 70 damage and fire’s bigger green ball to the enemies. Selling price is +276 Trophy.

The third and last evolution is the Lampong, with a great damage of 90 plus if you get better zodiac combination you can reach up to 113 damage. Sell price is +1600 Trophy.

Lampong fire’s a single straight shot, but its advantage is you will get higher coins as its double’s the gems you get. Good if you want to achieve higher score in the game.

Check the gameplay video here:


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