Everwing Sidekick New Rare Dragon Kiin, Kigi and Kiwig

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Another new Rare sidekick dragon the Kiwig a fire type dragon that looks like a Wild pig. It’s specialty is it deals +50% damage to the enemy bosses and additional 20% duration to any item or power ups. Though, it only shot a single fireball.

It’s first evolution is Kiin, at max level 10 it has a damage of 41 and you can sell it at +35 trophy.

Second evolution is Kigi, it’s single shot fire more damage and bigger than the first evolution. It damage can reach up to 70 damage on its max level 20.

Third evolution is Kiwig, in game the white tattoo are more visible than the previous evolution and now it first much more damage to the bosses with 113 damage attack on its max level of 30. Pairing two of Kiwig will give you 100% damage in total. It’s like having 3 Kiwig destroying the bosses.

If you want to successfully complete the raid boss mission, kiwig is the right sidekick for you as taking +50% more damage will give you advantage on killing the bosses before times run out. Watch the gameplay video below.

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