Everwing Sidekick New Rare Dragon Ban, Bakun, Bakunawa

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One of the six new sidekick dragon in everwing is the Bakunawa. It is shadow type rare dragon and a snake like creatures that deals a +50% damage to enemy bosses and 20% item spawn chances. This dragon only fire’s a single shot.

First evolution of Bakunawa is the Ban, a little snake that fires small shot to the enemies. The attack damage of ban is 41 on its max level of 10.

The next evolution of this dragon is Bakun, the avatar are more great looking with yellow spikes on its wing. It also fires a bigger shots. Damage of Bakun increases to 70 on it’s max level of 20.

The last evolution is the Bakunawa, same with other new rare dragon the damage for its max level 30 is 90. The improvement is on its avatar, comparing to the other dragons, Bakunawa is much bigger and stunning with its strong blue color and spiky yellow on its wing.

If you’re looking for great damage to the bosses and more chest treasure, this sidekick is right for you!

Note: the damage listed here is for the default damage of the dragon and didn’t include the Zodiac Bonus when pairing dragon for evolution.

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