Everwing New Rare Dragons Nuno, Buaya and Buwaya

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Everwing released 5 new dragons in partnership with Smart Communication for the Philippine Dragon Festival which adds Philippine mythical beasts as dragons. They released the first 2 dragon Buwaya and Bakunawa.

Let’s start with Buwaya, a water type Rare dragon – on it’s first evolution it’s called Nuno and in it’s max level 10 it has an attack damage of 41. It has 500% Poison dmg over 2 seconds, and additional 25% treasure Chests chances. Nuno, fires a single shot with 500% poison damage that is good for bosses and mini-bosses. Sell price for Nuno is +35 trophy.

On it’s second evolution, it’s called Buaya. It has the same amount of poison damage and treasure bonus. But at Level 20 it’s attack damage reaches 70 and much bigger shots. You can sell Buaya for +278 Trophy.

The third evolution, Nuno become Buwaya. Fire a massive ice ball and at level 30 you can reach a maximum damage of 90. You can sell Buwaya for staggering +1600 trophy.

What’s the best thing with Buwaya is you can pair them both and give you a 50% chance of getting chest that gives higher scores in every game. Plus its 500% poison attack that can easily kill bosses.

Watch the gameplay video of Buwaya below.

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