Everwing Sidekick New Legendary Dragon Tiki, Bintang and Tikbalang

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Everwing’s new legendary light type dragon the Tikbalang. A dragon that fires a double shot seeking-fireball to the enemies, based from its description “Unleashes 2 deadly monster-seeking bullets. Yikes.”

It’s first evolution Tiki. At a max level of 10, it fires a dual small seeking bullets with a 36 damage to the enemies.

Second evolution Bintang. Now, comes with a bigger seeking fireball that shots your enemies and higher damage at 61 on its max level of 20.

Lastly, on its third evolution Tikbalang. A much more powerful sidekick dragon that fires dual seeking fireball to the enemies and give you higher protection from being hit. It also turns his wing in to red that gives stunning looks.

Advantage of using Tikbalang in everwing, is it gives advantage on hitting the enemies as the fireball seeks the enemies and no need to go to its direction. It also gives you high protection from being hit and advantage to bosses and mini bosses.

You can now get Tikbalang on Everwing, when you purchase eggs in Gold chances are 8% to 9%. Also, watch the gameplay video below.

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