Stunning 2D Graphics in DragonBall FigtherZ

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Bandai Namco just unveiled the first game trailer of DragonBall FighterZ during the E3 2017 at Microsoft show. Developed by Arc System Works known for their famous game Guilty Gears, FighterZ is a mixed classic 2D fighting action game and 3D special moves also has 3 vs 3 battle modes.

Although the game title added Fighter with Z in it, the game is based in the world of Dragonball Z in which the original characters Son Gokou, Cell, Trunks, Gohan and other villain are the character you can play or fight for.

The 2d graphics in the game is in stunning HD 2d Graphics, specially the effects and powers. Though they still using some 3D graphics for special moves or cut-scene, and the arena’s the mixed of 2d and 3d are well executed and a must game for everybody.

DragonBall FighterZ is set to released next year 2018, exact dates are not yet released. If you’re a fan of DragonBall Z, you should grab this game.

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