Beyond Good and Evil 2 Revealed in E3

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Finally! Ubisoft reveals the first game trailer of the much awaited game Beyond Good and Evil 2. The last sequel of the game was released in 2003 and this time with it’s cinematic trailer there are lots of improvements in the game and with much more sci-fi environment similar to Star Wars.

In the trailer, an appearance of a monkey stealing a chip from the boss pig then a young lady appeared helps the monkey escape from the police. They deliver’s the chip to their headquarter to another lady that looks like it’s Jade from the first sequel and a map appears similar to the last ending of the first game Beyond Good and Evil which a sign this new game is a continuation of that story. Although there are lots of swearing in the game – the game feels like an M rated game unlike the first version.

Though there are no game-play preview of the game and what exactly the game looks like, but since its a AAA title most probably it would be likely the same.

There are no exact release date for the game, but we expect it will be release in PS4, XBOX One, PC and the new consoles release this year. Also, recently they confirmed it will be available in Nintendo Switch.


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