A Way Out a Co-op Game that can be Played in Split-Screen or Online

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A new game by the creators of Brothers A Tale of Two Sons. A Way Out, a game that can be played in two player mode with an option of Split-Screen locally or by Online gameplay. The story focus in a of a two detained guy that are looking for a way to break out the prison. The creator of the game Josef Fares announce the A Way Out during the EA Play and released the first and official gameplay of the game below.

In the trailer, it shows how you and your coop buddy played the game using a lot of strategy to choose from. The game is also sync to each other, you can even see your friend in a cut-scene while you’re in the game play. The action didn’t stop when you make away out of the prison. But instead it looks like there are additional stories, scenes, chasing and shooting after the breakout.

The game is to be released in early 2018. Are you excited to try this game with your friend? Let us know by leaving a comment down below.

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