Wonder Boy Retro Password Cheat Codes

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Did you know a decade cheats from Wonder Boy first game can still be use in the latest Switch version of Wonder Boy, that is after a user found his old tip magazine and found a cheat code and actually works for Retro Password.

To Enter Retro Password, you only need to start a new game and select your difficulty level. In the next screen you will asked to select a character either Boy or Girl. But if you notice in the bottom of the screen it says press X to Enter retro password. You have to press X to enter this cheat codes. And when you enter this code, it will prompt you that you can resume an old game using a password from the 1989 version. This leads the user use the old password from his decade magazine.

The cheat codes for the Window Boy Retro Password is WE5T 0NE 0000 0000

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