The Dawn of War III Open Beta is Now Live

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The Dawn of War III multiplayer open beta is now live, and playable on Steam! Take control of the Eldar, Orks, and Space Marines in head to head matches with thousands of players in all-out WAAAAGH! To play, just head over to the Dawn of War III Steam page, and scroll down until you see the “Play the Open Beta Now, Click Here” image, click that, and you’re off!

The open beta will run until 10AM PDT on April 24th. Plenty of time to make friends and foes on the battlefield! Make sure to pre-order before launch on April 27 to secure your access to the Masters of War Skin Pack at no extra charge! 

You also have a chance to Win a Dawn of War III Collector’s Edition & Blood Raven minis!

That’s not all! By playing the open beta this weekend, you have a chance to win a Dawn of War III Collector’s Edition and some incredible Blood Raven minis from ‘Eavy Metal!

What you’ll need to do is log in to the Dawn of War III open beta, head into the Army Painter, and get creative! Create an army so awesome that the Emperor would be pleased, snap a pic or a screen grab, and Tweet it to @DawnOfWar with the hash tag #DOW3Army by 10AM PDT to enter to win a Collector’s Edition and some ‘Eavy Metal Blood Raven minis!

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