Saints Row is Back in a new World of Agents of Mayhem

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A game you probably waiting for, the comeback of Saints Row. But volition decided to make a new world instead of the continuation of the Saints row story. Its the Agents of Mayhem. Before that, a head from the schedule of the official game trailer, it is first leaked online over the weekend that leads volition and deep silver trying their best to take down the videos.

In Twitter, the game trailer was first leaked by a user named @Wario64 and followed a takedown of the videos. But the takedown didn’t stop the leaked as many users already downloaded the video and uploaded to different video sites. Volition are still trying to take down every single leaked video in the Internet, so if you can still watch the video above – you’re lucky.

Agents of Mayhem was first introduced in June 2016, which they explained its a comic book style with a Saints Row spin-off. The game set in the same universe with Saints Row but different world, so there is a chance that a cross over might happen in the future. Agent of Mayhem focus in an hero and supervillain concept, where an hero is trying to stop an evil from their world.

If you notice, the game feels like Overwatch + Saints Row the third. Do you like the game trailer? Are you looking forward to play this game when release? Share your thoughts in the comment section down below.

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