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If you have just bought your own gaming PC and wanted to know what game titles you should purchase and play, we have listed down the games that are worth checking out regardless of what you prefer to play or not to play.

Whether you admit or not, PC games enjoy a multitude of choices when it comes to game titles and genres. Are you someone who enjoys weird indie games on your personal computer? Sure, your PC has and can handle that. Do you like complicated strategy games that are bound to make your head hurt after hours of playing? Yep, that is something PC has too! Even those mesmerizing and visually stunning game titles you can play on consoles are now readily available for heavy PC gamers out there, so you should fret no more. Using your PCs, you are also able to enjoy and play apps that give you the freedom to actually play your favorite games without having to leave your own house. And, not to mention, have a chance at winning the big jackpot.

PC gamers undoubtedly get easily immersed in games that catch their curiosity, those with great storylines, unbelievable and brighter than sunshine graphics. If you have just bought your own gaming PC and wanted to know what game titles you should purchase and play, we have listed down the games that are worth checking out regardless of what you prefer to play or not to play. These are games that you can actually enjoy on your own on a Friday night that is guaranteed to keep you glued to your seat for hours of intense gameplay.

Fall Out 4

Some people do not enjoy or are never really a big fan of shooter games usually because of its lack of progress; while some claim that storylines are usually dull which leaves them just senselessly shooting through enemies that are usually predictable. Good thing that Fall Out 4 is neither dull nor shallow and stagnant. Fall Out 4 is all about completing missions, building settlements, and basically, just surviving. Obstacles presented to you are usually trick and would require critical solving skills so you can be challenged and it does not leave you bored. There are contents available for download such as the DLC (downloadable content) if you have been craving some theme in your games.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The possibilities are endless in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Their latest installment is a big adventure in a realm where you can feel that getting lost for hours is not a bad thing at all. For you to enjoy Witcher 3, you would have already played its previous installment. Usually, games that have been recently released boast of their enthralling landscapes and vast lands and forest, but Witcher 3 is particularly solid. By playing Witcher 3, you are guaranteed to enjoy unforgettable characters, superb storylines, and satisfying rewards for those who are curious. Witcher 3 is recommended for fans of the open world and those whose among their favorite games include Skyrim but are utterly dissatisfied with the combat scenes and gameplay. For those people who do not enjoy long hours of awesome gameplay and who value their social life, stay away from this because this game will take lots of hours to finish.

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

Back in early 2010, game developer Square Enix spearheaded Final Fantasy XIV Online and decent games would only call it probably the worst. It was full of bugs, it was complicated to the point of nonsense, and it was even unfinished. After admitting their mistakes and vowing to learn from them, their developers have worked so hard, and even spent three full years, to reimagine the game from square one—the result is fascinating. Now, Final Fantasy XIV can claim its throne as one of the most beautiful massively multiplayer online RPG ever released in the market. Fans of the franchise can count on its usual beautiful artwork, stunning music, and solid storyline – only better, only bigger. FF XIV is good for fans of MMORPG. It is not, however, suited for people who do not want to shell out money for monthly subscriptions.

The Witness

Imagine being alone on an isolated island, and on there, a lot of puzzles that you have to solve. That is The Witness—an exaggeratedly complicated game that is at the same time very simple. Some puzzles are pretty obvious because they will stare right back at you, stacked in an orderly manner. While some puzzles are much harder to actually spot. Sometimes, you will find yourself extremely frustrated but as you go solving other puzzles, eventually, the game’s design will actually be found out. This game is best for people who are suckers for any games that involve thinking and challenges. This, however, is not for people out there who want nothing but action, and who get easily distracted and frustrated.

Kentucky Route Zero

Everything begins with just a dog and a man who wanted to deliver something. But after this, everything quickly turns into an adventure filled with so much mystery through a realm left behind my age and time which would make you feel a certain feeling. It is type of game so unique you would probably have not played anything like it. This is enough reason for you to go ahead and get the title and unveil the mystery that surrounds this game. This game is good for people who are looking for something so unique and who want to discover something not known to many people. Because Kentucky Router Zero employs easy mechanics in-game, this is not recommended for anyone who is looking for something far more complex.

These are just some of the games that many PC gamers around the world have enjoyed playing. Now is your time to judge whether one of these games will be included in your hall of fame. You may want to watch Youtube videos of their trailers before you purchase them to make sure you will like how it’s played. Do you have other game recommendations we should include on our list? Feel free to leave a comment below. We would love to hear from anyone who enjoys playing as much as we do!

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