Nintendo Switch Bending Plastic Cover Near Volume Button

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The whole unit of my Nintendo Switch is not entirely warped. But this plastic defect near the Volume button of the switch is very noticeable, the two pieces of plastic don’t totally meet each other comparing the other side, it has a small separation in the middle.

Watch the video above to see the defect. The warped is not severe but you can actually push the two pieces of plastic together like broken parts inside that doesn’t stick well. You might also be worried because there is news that some of the Nintendo Switch get warped when you put in the Docked for so long. And for those who didn’t know switch becomes really hot when you play and dock it for just 30 minutes, the hot is like touching a hot glass of coffee.

We double check the unbox video of our switch and confirmed that the cause is not on docked heat issue. Instead, it’s on the device itself, and it’s a manufacturing defect. And I’m sure Nintendo will not consider it’s a defect for a replacement.

Have you check your switch on this warped defect? Check yours, you might experience it.

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  • Tiago Dias April 11, 2017 4:21 pm

    Mine has that too, do you think removing the back cover and screwing it back on will maybe help it?


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