List of Armors you Can Buy in Villages in Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild

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Here is a quick look of all armors you can buy in the villages and shrines in The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild. Every villages in the Legend of Zelda has an armory shops and offers different type of armory and in shrine there are treasure for armors too which you can collect. A Facebook user named Mariah Anoula shares some of her armor collection in the Nintendo Switch Group she found this armors in the villages, shrines and by side questing. Here are some of the armors.

At Akkala Ancient Tech Lab

Glowing Armor at Gerudo Town (GSC).

Armor set you can find in the following Mazes, Northeast Hyruke Maze (Tu Ka’ Loh Shrine), Gerudo Desert Maze (Dila Maag Shrine), Northeast Hebra Maze (Kaza Tokki Shrine).

Another set of armor you can find in these shrines, Dueling Peaks (Ree Dahee Shrine), Southeast of Hateno Tower Island (Chaas Qeta Shrine), and Northeast of Hateno Research Lab (Tahno O’ah Shrine)

Zora’s Domain at Flooded ruins (Toto Lake), Divine Beast Vah Ruta (Granted Zora Chest) Laflat’s “Lynel Safari” Side Quest.

Kakariko Village shops.

Rubber Armor (Shock Resistance) at Lakeside Stable Side Quest, Ridgeland Tower (Toh Yasha Shrine) and East of Faron Tower (Qukah Nata Shrine).

Fire Resistance Armor at Goron City.

Gerudo Town.

Gerudo Town (Gerudo Secret Club)

Ice Resistance at Rito Village, Snow Boots at Gerudo Town Side Quest (Talk to the voe outside the town looking for a girlfriend).

Hateno Village

Still in Hateno Village

All photos credit to Maria Anoula. What are your armor collection? Share yours by leaving a comment down below.

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