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How to Fix Smart LTE Pocket Wifi Red Light Signal, No Internet

How to Fix Smart LTE Pocket Wifi Red Light Signal, No Internet

If you’ve been using your Smart LTE pocket Wifi, then suddenly you’re not able to connect to the Internet and the light signal in your device turns to Red, instead of Green/Yellow. This is because your SIM card is now been blocked from using their LTE connection, that’s why you’re not able to connect to the Internet.

The reason behind this blocked is because you’re downloading or uploading too much and break their FAIR Usage policy. You’ve probably using their Flexitime promo that’s why you reach this limitation which give you Unlimited Data because you’re paying for time instead of data. Well, this is very sad as it’s wrongly advertise from their promo page and not even state that you’re not allowed to consume XX of data a day or something.

So, How do you fix this problem? There are two ways to fixed this here are the following options:

1. Get help to their Customer Service to reactivate your LTE simcard.

2. Purchase a new SIM card which cost PHP 50.00.

This block is forever and if your SIM is very important to you or has remaining balance on it. Consider calling them to reactivate your LTE sim card for you. Your last resort is buying a new sim.

Do you also experience this problem in your smart pocket wifi? Let us know in the comment section below. Feel free to rant or express your feeling!

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  • bryan
    January 2, 2018 at 4:30 am

    hello ….bro were same situation …. my smartbro pocket wifi cant connect to internet …. then the signal indicator becomes red … only option bro is purchase new sim ?????? another thing bro itransfer my sim to another pocke wifi but still work ….

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