How to Cheat Unlimited Arrows in Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild

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This cheat for farming unlimited arrow is working as of April 24, 2017. Before, you can farm unlimited arrow in the enemy’s lair, but Nintendo quickly fixed it from their last update. Now, there is a new way of getting infinite arrow this is by getting it in a treasure chest located in the remote portion Island in the Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild map. But, in order to farm for these unlimited arrows, you have to complete first the Shrine Quests Stranded on Eventide. In this quest, you have to reach the Eventide Island, from there all of your items are remove, and you have to face the enemies with the weapons you only loot in the island. The challenge is you have to place the three orbs on the altar in order to finish this mission. After you ended Stranded on Eventide, your item will be back, and you’re now ready to farm for unlimited arrow.


  • Complete Stranded on Eventide
  • Magnesis Ability

Before doing this step, you must complete the Stranded on Eventide. Go to the bottom right corner of the map near the Eventide Island and find the very small island with a lake in the center. You can check the map image below.

Once you’re there, find the treasure chest located in the center and the bottom portion of the lake.

Then use your magnesis ability to get the treasure chest.

Open the chest, and you will get 10 x common arrow.

The trick for getting another 10 x arrows is, you have to save your game progress. Press + button and go to System and Save the game.

Once you’re done saving, load the game that you just save.

Once loaded, the treasure chest in the lake are now back to its unopened state and location. You can repeat the process as many times as you want. Note the maximum arrow you can carry is up to 999 only 🙁

In just 2 minutes of repeating the same action, We were able to get 154 arrows.

The bug is probably a conflict between the Eventide mission when it’s completed. The developer may forget to save the current state of the treasure chest when the game is loaded, we also notice other treasure found in the Eventide Island has the same bugs. For readers who is interested in farming arrows you may do this now until Nintendo find this holes and fixed it in their next update.

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