April Fools’ Day 2017 – Best Jokes in Gaming World

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Here are the round up of all April Fools’ day prank related to gaming world. Surprisingly all of these tech company doing a good job in putting up their pranks and you wouldn’t notice its a prank if you don’t check what’s the date. Sadly, the comment section are flooded with spoilers 🙁

If you missed the April Fools’ Day prank, we listed the best jokes from different tech companies – see it below:

NVIDIA: GeForce GTX G-Assist

GeForce GTX unveiled its G-Assist, an AI plugin in which you can play competitive match without actually playing it and you let the GTX G-Assist play it for you. You can eat, drinks your favorite energy drinks and just watch G-Assist gaming. Also the USB stick is so gorgeous, you probably want that as a USB flash drive.

Arika: Street Fighter EX

A new arika designed character from Street Fighter EX was quite too early prank that was showed in their YouTube channel 2 days before April Fools. Obviously its a April Fool’s joke because of they write it in their description. Really, I am clueless.

Square Enix: Tactics Alexander

A classic April Fool’s prank from Square Enix featuring the Final Fantasy Tactics, based on the Alexander raid from the Final Fantasy XIV mission.

iBuyPower: RGB Printer

This one a high performance RGB Printer powered by NVIDIA GeForce GTX Titan X. Can this printer overclocked?

Book of Demons: Reversed Mode

Literally play the game in backward.. haha!

The Witcher 3 – Wild Hunt Geralt Tub Figurine

A very unique and exclusively limited Tub figurine of Geralt of Rivia. Plus the lorem ipsum in the description.

Google Maps Ms. Pac-Man

If you visited Google Maps, you probably have a chance to play Pac-Man game. Although you will pay as Ms. Pac-Man.

World of Tanks: Mars Mode

The month of April will take you to the world of Mars, it let you play with the aliens and the fight with lasers, also you can jump.

Doom: Floopy Disks

The first doom game is on floopy disks and Doom finally realized they must release the game in floopy disk too. Imagine how many floppy disk it require to store all of the installation files, its 35,550 disk!

Prey: Cafe

There are lots of simulators from PC building, farming, surgery and now you can play prey as a simulation game. by sipping your hot coffee!

Kinguin: The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild is on PC

This is probably one of the prank that you want to come true, but sadly its april fools. But wait, you can play Legend of Zelda in CEMU emulator.

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