Wii Emulator Dolphin can now Access the Wii Shop

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Surprisingly, the Wii emulator Dolphin can now access the Wii Shop and purchase games like what you’re doing in the real console. You can watch the video of their new update Proof of Purchase Wii Shop Channel Support.

With this new update, you can download free demos in Nintendo shop, as well as purchase Wiiware and Virtual Console games from their service. Although the official website of dolphin emu hasn’t yet update their guides for this update, you need to have the following in order for it to work. Valid Console ID and keys.bin from that console, Console country must be valid, properly extracted certs, all IOSes and updates and SSL Verification Enabled. If you have those information, you can make full use of the Wii shop and do everything what the console can do.

In the recent news of Nintendo, The Switch game Legend of Zelda Breath of Wild can now also played in emulator. Will Nintendo do something to this and fix it? Let us know and leave a comment down below.

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