StarCraft Remastered is Finally Here, Release in Summer

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Finally, the StarCraft remastered that was humor since last summer of 2016 come true. Today, Blizzard just announce the StarCraft: Remastered, a complete overall graphic improvement to the original StarCraft game including the brood war expansion. The remastered will support the 4K resolution and stunning 1080 cinematics, the audio is also upgraded and added a new comic-book-style mission, and of course the gameplay still the same the release date of the game is in this summer 2017.

The StarCraft game remains popular, especially in South Korea. Although its aging multiplayer, graphics compatibility and outdated online features. Because of this Pete Stilwell explained, Blizzard decided to give this new remastered of StarCraft as a love letter to all StacCraft diehards. Their team works on dusting old codes, rebuild functionality and they also spent hundred of hours connecting with passionate folks for insight and feedback.

Aside from the graphical improvement, they will also add the latest Blizzard App (formerly known as to give a new connectivity to its users. With this, you can connect to your online friends, cloud saving, and online streaming. The new matchmaking will also automatically connect players to the queue and match.

The only thing remains untouched in the remastered is the actual gameplay, which Blizzard says it will be left exactly as it was. It seems Blizzard is doing the remastered right and probably bring out the nostalgia moment of playing this much awaited remastered of the original StarCraft.

You can check some of the before and after screenshot of the game below:

Zerg in the Remastered edition.

Zerg in the Original.

Terrain in the Remastered Edition.

Terrain in the Original

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