Sonzai no Kyoukai First Anime Series in the Philippines

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A group of animators in the Philippines Team XGN are making its very first Anime series in the Philippines, entitled Sonzai no Kyoukai or the Division of Existence. Team XGN is composed of 6 talented animators, with their team leader Dave Gadrinab and the rest of the crew Brad Arces, Elroy Zagada Uta, Linil Komban, Sri Mule, Joseph Manuel and Caleb Mills. The group focused in delivering rich animation story combining the 2D and 3D animation technology using Blender.

The story is set in the year 2030, where the humans discovered another world which inhabits a paranormal entities like demons. Humans makes step to stop these entities from entering the human world and they make a military organization called Global Security and build a 9 underground containment prison facility to jail these entities. The main character of the story, John Salazar a warden of the 7th containment prison was stuck in the middle of jailbreak as the prison are trying to shut down the gate to allow other to enter to the human world. Other characters in the story are Akari Kato, Gale and Rena.

The estimated release date of Sonzai no Kyoukai is in September or November this year. Show your support to their work and donate at

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