PC Building Simulator, Build your Own Virtual PC

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Are you a fan of building your own gaming rig? There is a simulator game for that, The PC Building Simulator an indie game develop by Claudia a programmer from Romania. The game can be downloaded now in Itch.io, you can support her work by donating or download the game for free.

The PC Building Simulator simulate everything building a PC from scratch. From setting up the PC Case, adding the standoff screw, attaching the motherboard, placing other components and even attaching the wire to each of them. The game is pretty fun to play, you should try it.

Although the game is not full polish with wonderful texture, that’s fairly understandable considering the game is still in an early state. According to the developer, the purpose of PC Building Simulator is to teach people on how to build PC while having fun without spending thousand of dollar to practice.

You can download the PC Building Simulator at itch.io, its available in Mac and Windows.

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