How to Download original StarCraft for FREE

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Blizzard announced that the original StarCraft will be completely free to download this March 30, 2017 as a gift to fans. This is after the announcement of their remastered Edition of StarCraft and Brood War expansion which can be played in 4K ultra high definition.

The first version of StarCraft: Brood War will be available this week. The update to the 1998 games will also include variety of bug fixes and added new features like the ability to rebind keys and the new spectator mode. it will feature a new anti-cheat system and a better compatibility with most modern operating system such as Windows 10.

In addition, they will also make the StarCraft Anthology for free to download and play. They recently pulled StarCraft Anthology from their online store which cost at around $14.99.

You can download the original StarCraft by downloading the Blizzard App and download the game from the library at

The remastered edition of StarCraft will be available this summer. Are you downloading the original starcraft? Please let us know by leaving a comment down below.

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