Help this Page Reach 10K Likes for Razers Kitty Krakens

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Would you like to see a Kitty ears for your Kraken headset? Well, one of the staff of Razer based in Singapore 3d printed a pair of kitty ears for their Kraken headset and their CEO Min-Liang Tan was amaze with their pet projects and actually challenge her to reach 10k likes and Razer will make it happen. A kitty ears for the Kraken headset.

Min-Liang Tan posted on Facebook with the hashtag #kittykrakens

Visited my Singapore office today and realized that printing kitty ears for their Krakens is what our team does for their own private projects when I’m not watching.

And the page 10k likes to KittyKrakens posted a response:

Last week, Min-Liang Tan posted a picture of me weaning my pet project in the office, & he issued a challenge. 10K likes & he’ll make these awesome kitty ears.

They even exchange responses in the comment, Min-Liang saying Haha over my dead body. You get 10K likes for it I’ll make it. I’d be surprised if you got 10 people who wanted it.

The Facebook page currently have 6,427 likes and only a few more to make this #kittyKrakens possible. If you’d like to make this thing happen, like the page and let it reach 10,000 likes. Min-Liang even further challenge the page reach 1M Likes they will make a Razer toaster.

Plus, here a closer look to the Razer KittyKrakens.

Do you like this new KittyKraken? Imagine a green version of it. Let us know and leave a comment down below.

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