Get 7 Multiplayer Games for $10 in Humble Bundle

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The Humble Hooked on Multiplayer Bundle features 7 multiplayer games with a total worth of $99 and you can get all of this for only $10. Play with your friends or family with this awesome stuff.

This offer will only last for 2 weeks and you must avail this before it ends. You can also pay as little as one dollar and get 3 games the Tricky Towers, Eon Altar Episode 1 and Primal Carnage: Extinction. For tier 2 with average as of writing at $7.37 you can get additional three games the Move or Die, Ultimate Chicken Horse and Rampage Knights. And at $10 you will get Helldivers and its Ranger Pack DLC.

As a bonus you also get 2 soundtracks for Move or Die and Rampage Knights, plus a 10% discount code for humble monthly subscription.

We recommend getting the Helldivers, as this is one of the great multiplayer coop games that you can play up to four player. See the game trailer below:

When purchasing this bundle, you also have an option to divide your contribution either to developer, charity or to Humble Bundle. Default is Developers get a cut of $6.50, Charity gets $1.50 and Humble Bundle gets $2.00.

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