GBA4iOS – All You Need To Know About The Best Game Boy Advanced Emulator!

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Who needs retro games in 2017? It’s always better to experience masterpieces that have already become a cultural phenomenon rather than sinking your teeth into the cheesy rip offs today’s gaming industry shoves up our mouths to make a few quick bucks on nostalgia.

I honestly don’t have anything against modern gaming, if the title is fresh, unique and interesting like the recent Horizon Zero Down or the cult classic Mass Effect. But if we are talking Mario, Pokémon or Castlevania – I’d rather stick to the roots. And I’m not alone to support this belief.

The popular GBA ROMs free download sites are hot as cakes today. They get more traffic and downloads than any other gaming resources on the internet. If that’s not enough to convince you in their rising popularity – here’s yet another statement. Gaming companies and app stores are on a constant march towards extermination of emulators. They fear old games can kill of the sales on new ones. GBA4iOS illustrates this status quo perfectly.

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