Don’t Stop Eighth Note a Funny Voice Control Game

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Upon browsing my newsfeed, I stumble on this funny game Don’t Stop Eighth Note a voice control game where you have to sing a song for the character to walk, shout for it to jump and maneuver to avoid obstacles. I’m sure you will not attempt to try playing this game in public, you will look like a crazy person!

Made from a very simple game design colored in black and white and pixelated animation, it made the one of the most popular game now in Japan and other parts of Asia, and probably in few days in America. The game concept is similar to the Flappy Bird but this time, you have to control it with your voice which gives the game unique, and a must try for everyone.

How to Download Don’t Stop Eighth Note

The game is available in Google Play, but it’s country restricted. See this link if it works for you:

For IOS mobile, you can download it on Appstore:

For PC version, you can download the app at (Use google chrome to translate the website in English) at

The game was developed by Shin AKA freedom-cow. You can watch this viral video of a girl playing the Don’t Stop Eight Note.

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  • KETCHAP MATRIXREAL March 16, 2017 1:01 am

    rage game i like it but i found better one look here


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