CEMU 1.7.4 Runs 30FPS for Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild

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Just two weeks ago, CEMU developers manage to run and boot the Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild in their Wii U emulator and shows a couple of minutes video about the progress. But just now they made again a new progress. If you run Breath of the Wild in the CEMU it wasn’t playable as the game only runs at 15 fps and lots of physics glitch. The new update fixed the problem and you can now run the game in 30fps and of course there are some moment that it lose FPS.

Some of the update are; the grass are now properly rendered in the ground and you can cut or set an fire on it. Collision on water are also fixed and you can now swim. They also fixed some of the abilities like Stasis and Magnesis in which you can now control objects.

You can watch the progress on the uploaded video above, the video shows cut-scenes as it only shows the progress they made. The Cemu version 1.74 will be available this coming April 2 in Patreon and to general public on April 9.

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