PS4 Update v4.50 Download Features External Storage Support

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Sony just unveiled the details of its new firmware for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro the version 4.50 update a.k.a Sasuke.

The version 4.50 update main features are the support of external storage in which you can finally add your external HDD or SSD to your PlayStation 4 unit. It will also take advantage the USB 3.0 ports for faster file transfer. Based on the article published by PlayStation, it will support HDD/SSD up to 8TB of storage, and the right thing with that is you can even install your game directly to the external storage, so you have not to worry about filling up your internal storage.

Version 4.50 will also give you the ability to change your wallpaper on your home screen so that you can take your favorite screenshot or favorite selfies to your PS4 home screen. They also add a drop shadow effect to the Font text to help you clearly read the text on the screen when you have a brighter background.

The Quick menu functionality is also updated, where you have to long pressed the PS button on the PS4 controller to show, it is now refreshed to make it more accessible. On this, it will lessen the menu screen and give you more display from gameplay, and you can quickly access the party features.

They also change the way notification works, and now all notification are in the simplified single list for your game notification, updates, saved and downloads. You can now also post directly to your activity feed.

You can now also watch 3D movies on your PS4 where movies will viewable in stereoscopic 3D via PlayStation VR headset.

There are more updates to come as version 4.50 which will be available in the coming week. So, keep checking our website for more updates on PlayStation 4.

Are you excited for this update? Please let us know and leave a comment down below. Cheers!

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