Hyper Universe is Open for Registration

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A new MOBA game from Nexon is now open for registration, the Hyper Universe a 4v4 side-scrolling MOBA game featuring a wide variety of similar heroes from gundam, marvel, jet li, power ranger, starcraft and more. The story started when various heroes from different universe clashed in Hyper Universe, fighting different heroes against each other on a unique side scrolling strategy map. Just like the typical MOBA game, destroy towers, farm for golds, fight creeps, level up your character and equipped the strongest item and conquer your enemies.

Unlike MOBA game where you control your character with a mouse, this game will control your character through WASD for walking in the side-scroll map. There are total 6 towers in the map, 3 of them are for your team and the other 3 is for your enemies. You have to reach the camp of the enemies and conquer it.

You can register to Hyper Universe at hyperuniverse.nexon.net/. After that you will be queued for open beta, wait for their follow up email on the dates of redemptions. The email will look likes:



Thank you for registering for Hyper Universe. If you’re accepted into a future play test, you will receive an email with the test dates and redemption instructions. Get ready to see if you have what it takes to battle and win in Hyper Universe!

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