Gwent: The Witcher Card Game Review & Gameplay

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We’ve been playing Gwent: The Witcher Card Game the whole day and we are happy to say this is one of the best card game we’ve ever played!

The game mechanics of the card game is straightforward. You win a round when you have the highest strength score in the battle and win the match when you win two of the rounds.

You can choose from five different starter decks in the game to get you started:

Monsters starter deck
Use for offensive gameplay, most of the card has an enormous amount of strength and different type of spell to wipe out your enemies card. Advantages of this deck is that you can remain one of the cards in the battlefield for the next round, best when you are running out of cards. Special power of this deck is summoning Silver Card Eredin with 11 Strength to add more strength to your match.

Nilfgaard starter deck
Use for spying opponents card, most of the card can reveal opponents card or add spy to their side. Advantages of this deck is that you can power up more of your cards in the battlefield. Special power of this deck is it reveals three random cards from the opponents hand.

Northern Realms starter deck
Use for defensive gameplay, most cards here contains lot’s of strength card, use for resurrecting card from the graveyard and ability to duplicate its card in the battlefield. Special power of this deck is it can reproduce an exact copy of the card in the battlefield.

Scoia’tael starter deck
Use for late gameplay, you can use the advantage of its ability to decide who will draw first and replace your card during the battle. Special power of this deck is that you can redraw up to 3 cards.

Skellige starter deck
Use for both offensive and defensive gameplay, take advantage of your card from reducing enemies strength and placing high strength card in the battlefield. Special power of this deck is that you can summon two clan an Craite Warriors.

The rounds start with replacing three cards from your default 11 cards in hand. Afterward, it tosses a coin to decide who’s the first turn. You can place your cards in Melee row, Ranged row or Siege row. There are also spell cards that are used to resurrect, heal or damage the card from opponents or in your cards.

The round will end when both of the players Passed the game or run out of cards, whoever has the highest strength will win. The match can last up to 3 rounds and may end up in 3 different ways either Victory, Defeat or Draw.

The game also features a card shop where you can buy a Card Kegs which contains 5 cards for your deck (At lease one card will be Rare, Epic or Legendary), below are the prices for card kegs.

  • 1 x Card Kegs -@ 100 Gold
  • 2 x Card Kegs @ $2.99
  • 7 x Card Kegs @ $9.99
  • 15 x Card Kegs @ $19.99
  • 40 x Card Kegs @ $49.99
  • 60 x Card Kegs @ 69.99

As of now the Campaign game are still locked, we will update this post once we got access on it.

The game is now in Beta Closed, the only way to play this game is through a beta access key. To get this key you can check one of our post here in GamingPH.

It also requires you to install GOG galaxy to play this game to your computer.

Are you playing this game right now? Let us know your thoughts and how you love this game!


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