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Battlefield 1 – They Shall Not Pass Weapons Revealed

Battlefield 1 – They Shall Not Pass Weapons Revealed

The upcoming DLC for Battlefield 1, the They Shall Not Pass will be released next month March 2017. We got more info regarding this new DLC and its new additional weapon in the battle.

Aside from the new maps and new weapons of this new DLC, it will also feature two more Operation to play, the Devil’s Anvil and Beyond the Marne. They describe it as one of the most massive tank battle and close-combat maps in Battlefield 1.

The new weapons included in the DLC are the following:

Ribeyrolles 1918

RSC 1917

Lebel Model 1886


and other weapons like:

  • Sjogren Inertial
  • MLE 1903 Extended
  • Cogwheel Club (melee)
  • Nail Knife (melee)
  • Trench Fleaur (melee)

Other than these updates, Battlefield also changes the max limit level of all ranks for all players. From the maximum rank level 100, it is now level 110 which most player who already maxed out their rank can now level up more! They also added a lot of new medals, dog tags, and codex entries. Well of course in order to play this new features – you have to own the DLC, They Shall Not Pass.

You can now purchase the new DLC straight from the Origin store or If you already have the Premium Pass – its FREE.

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