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Just yesterday Ubisoft released its new DLC for the game The Division, the Last Stand DLC. Ubisoft dev team for the Division hosted a livestream last night and discuss the new Last Stand DLC, the upcoming DLC in the game and the new patch 1.6. One of the new addition in the 1.6 patch is the 8 v 8 objective-based PVP mode, new rank mode in the Last Stand,  mission, maps, matchmaking and progression.

The Dark Zone Extension

The Last Stand DLC will feature an extension map for the Dark Zone, adding 3 more zones the DZR 7, 8 and 9. This extension will be located in the northern part of the currently available Dark Zone near the Central Park. It will be connected to the existing map and still you can Fast Travel from the original Dark Zone to the new one via checkpoint. Good thing with this new update is its comes FREE to everyone without owning Last Stand DLC.

8v8 PVP Mode

You can now fight against other party in the game in 8v8 mode, this was introduced from the trailer – the PVP mode will take place in the Dark Zone, but other player will not see you fighting because you will be moving on different location before the match start and there will be 4 different maps for match making.

Of course you have to reach level 30 in order to access this mode, the game time will take about 20 minutes to complete and the objective of the mode is to capture and defend the control points in the map, each success will grant you points.


Like in the Underground in The Division, the Last Stand has its own progression and levels. So, you have to level up your progression in order to loot good item. Rewards will vary in your current level.

For more info, you can watch the 5 things You need To know about the Division Last Stand DLC below.



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