Ninja Spinki Challenges from the Creator of Flappy Bird

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Remember the hit game Flappy Bird? Well the creator made a comeback and created a new addictive mobile game for you and its the Ninja Spinki Challenges. Unlike the big companies spending millions of dollar on developing and marketing a game, the indie developer Mr. Dong Nguyen is a one-man guy that just spend very little and use his talent and creativity to make the most popular app in the world. Nguyen is now running his own studio Gears in Vietnam and he partnered with a Japanese game developer Obakaidem to make this new game.

Mr. Nguyen is back and with a new title called Ninja Spinki Challenges!! and same as the usual Flappy Bird this game is much more difficult that you’d expect. With making all game assets stick’s to its Flappy Bird design, it uses the 8-bit art graphic, there are over 6 different mini-game – all games requires some focus and fast reaction in order to complete each game. For example one game features a bouncy kitty head that you have to evade by swiping the screen horizontally or you can alternatively kill the enemies with the shurikens. Unlike the Flappy Bird, the game uses a timer counts which you have to estimate the time to finish each challenge.

The game can be downloaded for FREE on iOS via App Store or Android via Google Play.

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