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If you’d notice in the past days, our website keeps experiencing down times and stuff – that is because we are upgrading our server and our website into a new secured environment the HTTPS to serve you better and¬†protect your privacy.

Starting now all contents you will be seeing in our website will be served over the HTTPS protocol including images, videos and embeds. This is to make sure that all contents we served are all secured and prevent other non-secured content to appear in our website. You can check this information at the URL bar of your web browser that states Your Connection is Secured on this website.

We loved to share our experience and reason why we moved to HTTPS. First reason is the Privacy, when you access website¬†over HTTPS – your internet service provider (IPS) will not able to track the pages you’re reading, this means you’re safe to browse our contents while your privacy is being protected.

Second is the Security, this will prevent any malicious third party app from inserting malicious code in our website or that can track’s visitors session.

Third, we can now unveil all unknown searches that you want to check in our website. It will help us give you more contents related to games and updates.

Lastly, We just received an email from Google that they starting labeling website that are still over HTTP protocol as unsecured, plus they will favor website’s that are in HTTPS than HTTP.

It turns out our migration runs smoothly, the changes didn’t affects our traffic and it give¬†our website more benefits from migrating to into¬†a secure environment.


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