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Good news to all Pok√©mon Fans! Pok√©mon Duel is now available in Android and iOS a free-to-play strategy board game that uses Pok√©mon Figures. It is a turn-based game where you can build your own deck with Pok√©mon Figures and fight with your rival enemies, the game mechanics is similar to a Chess game or Checkers.

The game starts with 6 Pok√©mon Figures, the goal is to reach the opposing teams and defeat them – it will test your strategy on how you attack, move or defend against your rival. There are 2 type of matchmaking, you can play single player mode in Player Vs Computer or go online with Player Vs Player, It also has a online leaderboards where you can see your scores and the top score. On every end of the match you also earn new Pok√©mon Figures or Points.

Though this is not a Nintendo Release game, the app are still parts of Pokémon brands where the developer is a The Pokémon Company and having an official email of The app are also initially release a few years ago in Japan with different name Pokémon Co-Master.

If you’re a Pok√©mon fans, you probably check this game out! You can download the app at Google Play.

Unfortunately, the app is not yet available in iOS. Are you playing this game? Please let us know and leave a comment down below!

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