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Catch a T-Rex while walking down the sidewalk, feed a Diplodoc while visiting the Zoo or just come to best friend`s house and suddenly meet Velociraptor there… No, it`s not a science-fiction movie scenario. It is just an ordinary day of a Filipino. This new phenomenon is called DinoMess.

In November, Openledger ApS (Denmark) & Aetsoft (Belarus) introduced Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines to DinoMess. DinoMess is a dinosaur game of a whole new format: it’s an app where everyone gets an easy way to capture, train and battle dinosaurs while exploring the real world with the help of the hottest trend – Augmented Reality.

How it works:

  1. You download DinoMess Game on AppStore for iOS or Google Play for Android.
  2. Authorize and pass through easy tutorial.
  3. Congrats! You are ready to hunt the Dinos!

Once you’ve downloaded the game for iOS or Android, all you need to do is to go outside and use your device to explore the world around you and find dinosaurs and special bonuses. DinoMess also implements its mission as an adaptive educational platform. Built-in AR integration represents innovative opportunity for educational process: making information visual and thus students can learn in an accessible and interesting way.  Moreover, developers of DinoMess Game prepare massive update with  PvP online battles and Dino Arenas. Players will train their superior dinosaurs and compete each other to become first on the Demoness Leaderboard.

In future releases the game will provide entrepreneurs with Native Advertisement or in-game sponsorship within AR (details can be found on the Dinomess Official Web site, Partnership Section at Due to these facts DinoMess stands out of mobile apps market and delivers the gamers a new concept of entertainment.

DinoMess aims to:
1. Unite a community of dinosaurs` lovers.
2. Inspire people to explore their local area in a fun and interesting way.
3. Make interactive educational process appealing and affordable for everyone.
4. Enrich business environment with augmented reality mechanisms.

About DinoMess

DinoMess have 3+ experience in front-end development, providing B2B and B2C solutions and list of own successful projects. Also, more than 20 years of offline edutainment business, connected to living dinosaurs exhibitions, theme park building and virtual reality attractions production give us an extreme level of data-based confidence of our decisions.

They do believe that DinoMess is the very app to be a mainstream, that perfectly fits into the hectic online lives, of the most of the young people who are leading these days. Therefore, they’re a team of 30 professionals in the field of development, design, marketing are proud to create DinoMess, and hope the Philippines will love it.

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