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Where to Buy Intel Core i7-7700K Kaby Lake on eBay

Where to Buy Intel Core i7-7700K Kaby Lake on eBay

The Intel’s new 7th generation of CPU the Kaby Lake processor Intel Core i7-7700K, a replacement for the existing Sky Lake Intel Core i7-6700K. The new core featured exactly the same configuration with i7-6700K a Thermal Designed Power (TDP) 91W, 4 cores and 8 thread. The difference with this new core is it powered with a 4.2GHz from 4.0GHz in i7-6700K and can be boost up to 4.5GHz. The good thing with this new processor is it still works on your Z170 LGA1151 socket motherboard and works in the newer chipset Z270 motherboard.


Kaby Lake supports Optane technology a premium non-volatile memory that provides unparalleled performance in speed, endurance, durability and density. Meaning this new generation of processor elimates the bottleneck of your CPU’s from your M.2 SSD’s that offers 1000 times faster than the NAND technology.

It also comes with an embedded GPU or iGPU the Intel Graphics HD 630 that supports VP9 decoding and 4K HEVC 10-bit decode/encode. It can also decode a 4K resolution and 60fps videos with a bitrate of 120Mbps. You can also enjoy your 4K Netflix streaming from Edge browser with its latest native support HDCP 2.2 and Microsoft PlayReady 3.0.

So, Where to Order or Pre-order this new Kaby Lake processor? See the following listing below from ebay:

Intel Kaby Lake i7-7700K @ $522.10

Here are the official Specification of Intel Core i7-7700K

  • Manufacture Process: 14nm+
  • Stock Frequency: 4.2GHz
  • Boost Frequency: 4.5GHz
  • Number of Cores: 4
  • Number of Threads: 8
  • L3 Cache: 8 MB
  • Micro Architecture: Kaby Lake
  • Socket: LGA1151
  • Chipset: Z270 Express
  • Overclocking Support: BCLK and Multiplier
  • Memory Support: DDR4-2400
  • Thermal Designed Power (TDP): 91W

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