Where is the Rewards Claim Vendor in The Division

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Do you have additional DLC in your Tom Clancy’s The Division like the exclusive Hazmat Gear Set, and you’re clueless where to redeem or access these rewards? Well, That is because you have to claim these rewards in the Rewards Claim Vendor and finding this vendor is a little bit difficult that you have to explore each safe zone in order to find this guy. You can actually access this vendor inside the Base of Operations safe zone near the Medical Wing side of the building.

For Newbie like me, you have to finish the Base of Operation Mission in order to access this safe zone.

Where is the Rewards Claim Vendor in Tom Clancy’s The Division

Go or Fast Travel to Base of Operations safe zone, you can check the map below.


When you’re near the Base of Operations building, proceed and enter – there should be a quarantine area inside and a dashboard of your game progress.


Once you’re inside the building, go to left and enter Medical Wing.


Inside the Medical Wing near the upgrade area, proceed to the exit door.


And here you can find this vendor, on the left side find Rewards Claim Vendor.


Now, all your DLC stuff are here just claim the rewards and it will be automatically added in your inventory.


What’s your greatest rewards in the Division? Let us know and leave a comment down below!

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