Steam is Down as of December 24, 2016

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Oh.. Yes, its not just you – steam is currently down. Steam Winter Sale just went live and lots of people flocks in the website to grab the best deals on Steam. The website is completely down and you cannot play online games or everything. Even the website will show you an error message An error occurred while processing your request. Reference #97 .e8b31bb8.1482513348.35bd5462 or if you’re trying to login on steam it will show an error Could not connect to the Steam network. Either check your connection and click ‘Retry’, or start Steam in ‘Offline mode’.

* UPDATE: Steam Website and Steam Client is now back to normal.

If you recently purchase a game when the down time happens, you have to check it again if those games are deducted from your bank account as it might have an issue.

Let’s hope the steam will return as soon as possible, so we can enjoy this Steam Winter Sale for 2016.

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