Pokemon Go Expand Sightings Range to 200m and Rebalancing PRESTIGE Awards

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There are new minor updates in Pokemon GO: Niantic they increased the sighting radius and rebalanced the prestige award in the PokeGym.


Niantic Lab set the sighting radius to 200m from the original 50m, this also includes PokeStops and PokeGym. The new increase in radius comes after there news revising the broken Nearby functionality of the game. A tweet from The Silph Road confirming the new changes.

This update also added more arena PRESTIGE award through training, meaning you can now earn more points on training on friendly gyms. This update will also make your PokeGym more difficult to take if you train more Pokemon in your PokeGym.

It’s good to know Niantic Labs still updating Pokemon Go to move to a new level, also we will expecting the next update is for trading and PVP in the game. Still playing Pokemon Go? Well, you have to check this update. Leave us comment below.

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