PewDiePie Deletes His Other YouTube Channel

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Pewdiepie trolls the world! he just deleted his alternative channel. The most popular YouTuber and swedish sensation PewDiePie, well somehow followed and fulfilled his promise to delete his YouTube channel after reaching 50 million subscribers. But not his main channel of course, because that’s how he make a living. The second channel he started back in the October is the one he deleted.

PewDiePie catches the eye of media around the world covering his ultimate grand prank. We should probably have known that better, well it’s a clickbait. Promise or claims about deleting, quitting, leaving yourself in your YouTube channel are usually not true on what they seem.

For another round, Pewdiepie added on the end of the video he will be deleting his pewdiepie channel at 100,000,000 subscribers. See the video below.

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