How to Squad Spot Assist in Battlefield 1

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Some medal achievement in Battlefield 1, required you to do squad spot assist in order to complete the medal, like for example in the medal progress of Crimson Heart Medal you need 15 Spot Assists. For a newbie like me, I am also clueless how to do spot assist, because there are no instructions in-game how to do this. But after googling I found this very simple solution, you can check our detailed instruction below how to do Squad Spot Assist.


How to Squad Spot Assist in Battlefield 1

  1. First is you have to find and spot an enemy, then point your mouse crosshair to the enemy location.
  2. Then press the Q button on your keyboard.
  3. The enemy should be tagged in Red Icon together with its class in the game.
  4. Now, let your friend/squad kill the enemy in order to count it as Squad Spot Assist.
  5. If successful you will received a message SQUAD ASSIST COUNT or SQUAD ASSIST COUNT AS KILL.

The Squad Assist Count as Kill will only appear if you do enough damage while spotting the enemy.

Note, the red tagged will be gone if the enemy is out of your sight, so you have to do it again. We will also upload a video for this instruction.

Is this solution works for you? If you still have problem spotting the enemy please leave a comment below. Thank you for reading!


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